Bmal 590 academic leveling course week 4 final quiz mcqs

Self-confidence is an important leadership characteristic

primarily among executives.

primarily among supervisors.

in almost every leadership setting.

for male leaders more than for female leaders.
A key part of a leader having humility is to

insult the group performance, including that of your own.

put group members in the limelight, rather than oneself.

make forecasts about the group not making standards.

ask the group to lead itself so he or she can do analytical work.
Finance manager Sharon has the reputation of “walking the talk,” so she most likely scores high on the trait of




sense of humor.
An important part of being assertive is to

not tolerate differences of opinion.

express feelings and opinions forthrightly.

behave aggressively toward people when necessary.

be obnoxious when necessary
The most effective type of humor for an organizational leader to use is directed at

the competition.

group members.

other departments.

himself or herself.
Research about emotional intelligence and leadership concludes that

emotional intelligence alone leads to career success.

emotional intelligence combined with ambition accounts for 90 percent of career success.

general intelligence and technical skills are the most important for top-level leaders.

a leader’s mood and associated behaviors affect bottom-line performance.
A leader with an internal locus of control

is often low in self-confidence.

is often interpreted by group members as being weak.

sees environmental factors as causing most events.

takes responsibility for events happening.
he achievement motive refers to

a desire to surpass productivity quotas.

finding joy in accomplishment for its own sake.

putting high energy into achieving work goals.

sustaining a high level of energy for work
“Knowledge of the business” as a leadership characteristic is closely related to the leadership trait of



cognitive ability.

drive and motivation.
Creativity among leaders tends to be distributed

along a continuum from low to high.

into being creative versus not creative.

between old and young leaders.

between planners versus implementers.
Jane is a farsighted leader, so she

tends to delay taking action.

avoids planning her unit’s activities.

sees the long-range implications of her actions.

focuses on the short-range implications of her actions.
According to the WICS Model of Leadership, an effective leader synthesizes

wishful thinking, imagination, and criticalness.

willingness, courage, and self-confidence.

wherewithal, interest, and crisis management.

wisdom, intelligence, and creativity.
With respect to heredity and environment, leadership effectiveness appears to be

mostly due to heredity.

the combined influence of heredity and environment.

mostly due to the environment.

four-fifths heredity and one-fifth environment.
Emotional intelligence tends to

peak at an early career stage.

be closely associated with technical skill.

improve with experience.

decrease substantially during middle age.
After receiving negative feedback about her company, the CEO showed double-loop learning by saying,

“Maybe we are not in the right business.”

“You cannot please everybody.”

“I must tell the customer service department about this problem.”

“This feedback is so important, it’s worth hearing twice.”
The opposite end of the leadership dimension forceful is




Keith is a lopsided leader, so he best fits the category of being too

forceful and too enabling.

operational and too enabling.

operational and too strategic.

strategic and too visionary
Self-discipline plays an important role in leadership development because

most leaders have a tendency to be undisciplined.

many forms of personal development require self-discipline.

most leaders have the need to punish themselves from time to time.

most forms of leadership development require double-loop learning.
An important way for leaders to capitalize on challenging experiences is for them to be given

leeway in choosing how to resolve the problem.

careful guidance in how to resolve the problem.

the opportunity to delegate the problem to someone else.

a policy and procedures manual for resolving the problem.
To achieve multifunctional managerial development, a leader would have to

gain experience in various organizational units.

serve multiple functions in his or her organizational unit.

alternate between line and staff departments.

work for a series of firms.
To use the shadowing form of mentoring, the prot

follows the mentor around for a stated period of time.

stays out of the spotlight so he or she can learn.

keeps others in the dark about his or her developmental opportunities.

alternates between mentors for a defined time period.
The support in a feedback-intensive management development program relates to

a company paying all the costs of the program for participants.

assessing the strengths and weaknesses of program participants.

providing program participants with the right amount of challenge.

helping participants cope with the challenge of receiving feedback.
A key element of behavioral role modeling involves

reading about the accomplishments of great leaders.

participating in simulations of company problems.

role-playing behavior that the learner has observed.

creating scenarios of potential future problems.
Of the following, the most likely to be emphasized in a personal growth program of leadership development is

career planning.

personal investment strategies.

the contingency approach.

who you need to be.
Shay works for PricewaterhouseCoopers where she participates in action learning for leadership development. Shay is therefore

invited to shadow a member of the executive team.

demoted to a position of lesser responsibility for a short term.

placed on two client teams at once.

sent abroad to work on a volunteer project.
The purpose of psychotherapy as leadership development is to

decrease sources of stress that lower productivity.

help managers become more charismatic.

overcome emotional problems that could be blocking leadership development.

help company leaders be more ethical.
A strongly recommended approach for the board to use in choosing a new CEO is for the board members to

select candidates who are part of the “good old boy” or “good old girl” network.

minimize social contact with the candidates and thus maintain objectivity.

have extensive email contact with the candidates.

have direct and extensive contact with the candidates.
Developing a pool of leadership successors combines evaluating potential with giving high-potential candidates the

compensation they need to feel like executives.

right type of developmental experiences.

right type of opportunities for failure.

amount of stock options they need to stay motivated.
Barry gets promoted to the CEO position partly because he is perceived to be an inside-outside leader, meaning that he

has experience at the company but also has an outside perspective.

worked for the company a while, left, and then returned.

had access to company secrets but never revealed them.

has worked in both manufacturing and sales.
A study showed that attributions of charisma are heavily influenced by

the network to which the leader belonged.

a person’s mood at the time.

the leader’s sex, ethnicity, and race.

members of a person’s network.
We know that charismatic leadership has taken place when

group members feel manipulated even though the cause is important.

the leader feels good about his or her accomplishments.

extraordinary levels of devotion, identification, and emulation are aroused in group members.

the leader is highly accepted by group members and superiors.
The personalized charismatic leader uses power to

further his or her own interests.

benefit others.

heal organizational wounds.

divinely inspire others.
A vitally important part of being a charismatic leader is

asking group members perceptive questions.

being emotionally expressive and warm.

being laid back and emotionally supportive.

having a large network of contacts.
Brain research about visions suggests that visionaries in contrast to non-visionaries,

have different levels of brain activity.

are less intelligent.

have less capacity for visual processing.

show less brain activity.
To apply “management by storytelling,” the leader should

tell stories about unsuccessful competitors.

tell fascinating stories about the company to employees.

reward and punish group members based on anecdotal evidence.

evaluate morale based on anecdotal evidence.
A leader who is personally charismatic is likely to

attract people to him or her.

push away other people based on annoying personal characteristics.

rule with an iron hand.

rely on cognitive skills to impress people.
Max wants to develop a personal brand, so he

develops a second identity on the Internet.

attempts to wear as much clothing of the same brand as feasible.

gives himself a nick name such as “Corporate Warrior Max.”

studies his basket of personal strengths.
Melissa wants to bring about transformations in her organization. Which one of the following would be the best recommendation for her?

Get people to develop a short-term perspective.

Help people understand the need for change.

Commit people to slightly better than average performance.

Get people to think in terms of self-interest.
Which one of the following is the least typical characteristic of a transformational leader?

low standing on moral reasoning

encouraging personal development of staff

practicing empowerment

A study of team leadership found that transformational leadership helped the group

members work more independently.

question whether their team had the “right stuff.”

feel more potent, leading to better performance.

feel less potent, leading to poorer performance.
A major concern about charismatic leadership is that

there are not enough job openings for all the charismatic leaders.

charismatic leaders are not really so effective.

group members sometimes follow a charismatic leader down an unethical path.

charismatic leaders place unreasonable expectations on group members.
The consideration dimension of leadership behavior includes how well the leader creates an environment of

heavy concern for financial controls.

carefully controlled work procedures.

emotional support, friendliness, and trust.

careful concern for organizational productivity.
A leader who scored high on initiating structure would

emphasize work scheduling and assigning tasks.

disregard the feelings of team members.

emphasize listening and personal warmth.

strive to keep the group informed
Division manager Cassandra wants to get the most out of her direct reports. A. good strategy would be for her to

establish penalties for her direct reports who display weaknesses.

teach her direct reports new strengths.

focus on patching up the weaknesses of her direct reports.

concentrate on the strengths of her direct reports.
The major thrust of the servant leader is to

work on the behalf of group members to help them achieve their goals.

act humble yet search for individual glory.

think first in terms of the stockholder.

place self-interest before service.
A key part of 360-degree feedback is for leaders to

receive feedback from those who work with and for them.

use a circular form for evaluating others.

receive both positive and negative feedback almost daily.

receive a little feedback almost every workday.
Suggestions for making better use of 360-degree feedbackdo not include which one of the following?

Focus on business goals and strategy.

Use feedback dimensions that reflect important aspects of leadership.

Create action plans based on the feedback.

Encourage workers to give and receive feedback anyway they choose.
Participative management is likely to work the best with

employees in a large bureaucracy.

competent and intelligent people.

shy and nonassertive employees.

employees in small, entrepreneurial firms.
A study with Norwegian workers found that when employees reported to a manager with a laissez-faire leadership style, they

experienced role ambiguity.

believed the manager did not grant them enough freedom.

enjoyed the structure and close guidance.

worked quite hard to avoid being disciplined.
According to the Leadership Grid system, the most effective leadership style is

balance and compromise.

contribute and commit.

prescribe and guide.

status quo.
A pronounced characteristic of an entrepreneurial leader is

a reliance on others to take the big risks.

a preference for taking huge risks.

a cautious attitude toward taking risks.

sensible risk taking.
A large research study about sex differences in effectiveness between men and women leaders found that

men were perceived to be much more effective than women.

women were perceived to be much more effective than men.

both sexes were perceived about the same in overall effectiveness.

experienced women were more effective than experienced men.
A study with 3,000 executives revealed that leaders who obtain the best results typically use

several different styles in one week.

the style recommended by the board.

the style recommended by the group members.

whatever style matches the latest management fad.
The contingency approach to leadership explains that leaders are most effective when they

plan for emergencies before they occur.

make their behavior contingent upon situational forces.

follow universal managerial principles when faced with contingencies.

create backup plans to deal with human resources problems.
Contingency leadership theorists believe that in terms of shaping the leader’s behavior,

forces in the situation are more important that the leader’s personal characteristics.

the leader’s characteristics are more important than forces in the leadership situation.

the leadership situation has a negligible influence.

the leader’s personal characteristics have a negligible influence.
In Fiedler’s contingency theory, the most important dimension of the situation for determining situational control is

position power.

leader-member relations.

personal power.

task structure.
Following Fiedler’s contingency model, a leader can increase situational control by

decreasing the task structure for group members.

creating conflict between himself or herself and group members.

increasing his or her position power.

increasing the demands on group members.
The general thrust of path-goal theory is to specify what the leader must do to

make a directive style of leadership acceptable.

achieve high productivity and morale in a given situation.

improve the work attitudes of group members.

make the situation more favorable.
A suggestion to the leader based on path-goal theory is for the leader to

give people careful instructions, even when they can perform the task well.

encourage group members to provide their own structure.

purposely make ambiguous the path between goal attainment and receiving a reward.

reduce frustrating barriers to reaching goals.
The situational leadership model II emphasizes contingency factors relating to

characteristics of group members.

characteristics of the organizational climate.

the attitudes of the leader.

the skills of the leader.
The “coaching” style of leadership in the situational leadership model II is described as

high on directing and high on supporting behaviors.

high on directing and low on supporting behaviors.

low on directing and low on supporting behaviors.

low on directing and high on supporting behaviors.
According to the normative decision model, when group development is a high priority, the leader

emphasizes decision significance.

becomes less concerned with group commitment.

relies more on the group to make decisions.

relies more on himself or herself to make decisions.
According to the cognitive resource theory, under high stress conditions

leadership experience is an asset.

leadership experience is a liability.

the leader should delegate most of his or her responsibilities.

the leader’s intelligence increases in importance.
Which CEO approach best fits the contingency factor of “unstable environment, high rate of change, complexity”?

Human assets



Change agent
A key part of evidence-based leadership or management is to

keep a log of the mistakes of subordinates.

justify asking for an increased budget.

prove that your decision was the right one.

translate principles into practice.


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