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Week 1 Project




For each week’s Project, you will answer statistical questions and solve statistical problems using the STATDISK software. Remember that the primary focus of these exercises is to understand how to properly solve statistical computations using the STATDISK software. It is also important to focus on the approach you took to arrive at a solution. Grading weight will be placed not only on correctness, but also on the depth and clarity of your answers. In the Week 1 Project you will learn how to open a file, copy, paste, and sort data, input and transform data. Assume all data files that you work with are samples unless otherwise stated.


Note:You will NOT receive full credit for a problem submitted without an explanation. See the Course Information area for the grading evaluation criteria for Projects.


Questions about this assignment? Post them in the Contact the Instructor area. That way, everyone in the class will see and benefit from the Instructor’s response.


To prepare for this Project:


•Complete the MyStatLab homework for Week 1.


•Review the Statdisk User Manual in Doc Sharing.


•Reflect on how you might use written form to communicate the process by which you will solve the problems.




The Assignment:


1.Read pages 3 – 7 in the Statdisk User Manual.


2.Perform Statdisk computations and answer questions in the Week 1 Project.


3.Submit your completed assignment to the Week 1 Assignment 2 submission link.




How to Format your Assignment


You will be using the original Week 1 Project as it appears in Doc Sharing as a template for your answers.


1.Open the Week 1 Project found in Doc Sharing. The Project will open in Microsoft Word and allow for you to cut, paste, and insert text.


2.Insert your solution to each problem directly below the question. Color your answers red.


3.Be sure to cut and paste ALL tables, charts, and information generated by using the STATDISK statistical program and explain what each chart represents.


Before you submit your finished Project, make sure that each question includes the original problem, your solution to the problem, and your explanation of how you arrived at such a solution in red.




Week 1 Technology Application




The assignment:


1.Read pages 3 – 7 in the Statdisk User Manual.


2.Perform Statdisk computations and answer questions in the Week 1 Project.


3.Submit your completed assignment to the Turnitin submission link.


How to Format your Assignment


Create a document in Microsoft Word format with the original problem, the solution, and the explanation, much like the Sample Technology Application Solution document in this week’s Resources page.


1. Be sure to include the original problem as it appears in the textbook. The Technology Manual is in .pdf form and allows for you to cut and paste text, but do not concern yourself greatly with the formatting.


1. Be sure to cut and paste tables, charts, and information generated by using the STATDISK statistical program and explain what each chart shows.










SAMPLE Project (Answers and explanations are in red)






I opened the Week 1 Project from Doc Sharing.




Project 1:  Working With the Data Editor.


Downloading Statdisk




1) First go to the website at and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to download     


     the Statdisk program version 11.1.0. by clicking on the windows or the MAC version.




I went to and downloaded the statdisk 11.1.0 windows version.


          Download Statdisk Version 11.1.0




                       Statdisk 11.1.0 Windows 2K, XP, Vista



                       Statdisk 11.1.0 OSX



 See the included ReadMe.txt file for details.


Open A Saved Data File


2)  After you have opened the Statdisk program, go to Datasets and then Elementary Stats, 9th Edition.


     Open the file named SUGAR.  The data will appear in column 1 in the Sample Editor.




I opened the statdisk program, went to Datasets, then Elementary Stats, 9th edition and opened the Sugar file.




Copy and Paste a Data File




3) Make a copy of the data values listed in column 1.  Paste the data files into column 2. Re-name the title   


    of column 2 to COPY.




I went to Copy and then selected column 1.  I then selected copy.  Then I clicked on Paste and chose column 2.  I then had 2 identical columns of the Sugar data.




Sorting Data Values




4)  Make another copy of the data values listed in column 1 and paste those into column 3.  Then sort only   


     the data values in column 3.  Label the column SORT.


I selected Copy and clicked on column 1 and then pasted them into column 3.  I clicked on Sort and then selected column 3.




Entering a Set of Data Values




5)  Manually enter all of the data values listed below into column 4 in the Statdisk editor.  Type all of the data values into the one column in vertical fashion like the other data values are listed in the other columns.  It does not matter what order you input the data values.  Label the data values with the name of  IQ.


I typed the following data into column 4.



























































6)  What are some of the problems that could occur when entering data values into a statistics technology          






     Problems that could occur when entering data values into a statistics technology editor include ………………………………………………………………………..


Sample Transformation


7)  Go to the Data menu then select Sample Transformations to add 100 to all of the data values in column 4 and then paste them into column 5.                                                                                                   


I went to the Data menu and ……………………………………………………………………………..




Classifying Variables




8)   Would the grams of sugar data in column 1 be considered a sample or a population?


     The grams of sugar data in column 1 would be considered a ……………..


9)  State whether the sugar variable is qualitative or quantitative?


     The sugar variable is ……………………………..




10) State whether the sugar variable is discrete, continuous or neither?


     The sugar variable is ………………………….




11) State the level of measurement for the sugar variable.


     The level of measurement is ……………………………….. 






Saving Data and Submitting Work


12)  Save all of the data in columns 1-5.  Be certain to add column labels to the data set.  Make a copy of     the data values and paste them into a Word file with the answers to the questions.  Submit that one file to the dropbox.


 Sugar          Copy          Sort         IQ          IQ + 100


3.647       3.647       3.407       83            183                                                         


3.638       3.638       3.45         65            165                                                         


3.635       3.635       3.464       37            137                                                         


3.645       3.645       3.468       80            180                                                         


3.521       3.521       3.475       41            141                                                         


3.617       3.617       3.482       56            156                                                         


3.666       3.666       3.491       46            146                                                         


3.588       3.588       3.492       57            157                                                         


3.545       3.545       3.494       75            175                                                         


3.59         3.59         3.494       52            152                                                         


3.621       3.621       3.506       43            143                                                         


3.532       3.532       3.507       55            155                                                         


3.511       3.511       3.508       37            137                                                         


3.516       3.516       3.511       54            154                                                         


3.531       3.531       3.516       38            138                                                         


3.678       3.678       3.521       65            165                                                         


3.643       3.643       3.522       66            166                                                         


3.583       3.583       3.522       62            162                                                         


3.723       3.723       3.526       45            145                                                         


3.673       3.673       3.531       62            162                                                         


3.588       3.588       3.532       74            174                                                         


3.6           3.6           3.535       35            135                                                         


3.611       3.611       3.542       32            132                                                         


3.58         3.58         3.545       44            144                                                         


3.667       3.667       3.548       74            174                                                         


3.506       3.506       3.569       28            128                                                         


3.632       3.632       3.573       75            175                                                         


3.45         3.45         3.576       48            148                                                         


3.66         3.66         3.577       60            160                                                         


3.569       3.569       3.58         74            174                                                         


3.573       3.573       3.582       88            188                                                         


3.526       3.526       3.582       54            154                                                         


3.494       3.494       3.583       43            143                                                         


3.601       3.601       3.585       65            165                                                         


3.604       3.604       3.588       46            146                                                         


3.407       3.407       3.588       77            177                                                         


3.522       3.522       3.59         63            163                                                         


3.598       3.598       3.598       52            152                                                         


3.585       3.585       3.6           44            144                                                         


.               .               .               .               .


                .               .               .               .              


.               .               .               .               .


                .               .               .               .              


.               .               .               .               .              


.               .               .               .               .              


.               .               .               .               .




and so on.  Be certain to show the entire data set results for the Week 1 Project.


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